MLS remains on team over Liga MX, repeating All-Star win


TI have All MLS stars repeated dose until MX All-Stars League and won 2-1 in All-Star Game It happened at Allianz Field in Minnesota, where Candle Carlos scored a goal for the US national team.

Candle, just at the 2nd minute, and Raul Ruidiazfrom the penalty spot in the 73rd minute scored goals for the MLS team, and Kevin Alvarez scored for the Liga MX team in the 84th minute, but it was not enough to equalize and the Mexican all-star team was outplayed again.

FROM Chicharito Herndez and Carlos Vela started, it was the LAFC star who opened the scoring with a very quick goal just 2 minutes later.

After drawing a few touches in the left sector, Vela received an accurate cross from Diego Palacios; the Mexican player got up and hit with an accurate header Camilo Vargas at the expense of 1:0, which allowed them to break through.

Liga MX dominated but failed to score

The kick was hard for the Liga MX team, who gradually got used to the field and began to dominate the match and have scoring chances, the first two with a header Julius Furchbut neither had the expected direction, and both were wasted.

Although the MLS team tried to get out dangerously or widen the lead, their attempts were easily controlled by the opposing defense. Juan Escobar and Fernando Beltran there were other players who had dangerous chances for the Liga MX team, but their shots missed.

In addition to the failures of Mexican football players, the performance of goalkeepers Andre Blake and Dane St. Clair it was decisive for their team to come out with an advantage at half-time. The latter made a great save from Dinneno with his head, which came out after the first half hour of the game.

There are too many changes in such matches, but the intensity has not changed. Liga MX with players like Alexis Vega, Uriel Antouna and German Berteramewas looking for an equalizer, but could not score.

Liga MX dominated but MLS extended their lead

And when they came closest, a penalty was awarded in favor of MLS. Raul Ruidiaz took it well, deceived the goalkeeper Acevedo and made the score 2:0, which seemed to be final.

The goal of Liga MX was laid too late

On the last stretch, Kevin Alvarez scored a right kick impossible for a goalkeeper Sean Johnson, a goal that added to the excitement in the last moments, but the MLS team was solid and again defeated the stars of Mexican football. The goal came too late.

And again, the question is in the air: is MLS better than Liga MX?


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