MLS and Apple Reach Deal to Stream All Games


TI have ml takes a significant step forward in terms of its global distribution, not just in the United States.

The football brand is looking for something similar to what other leagues have done in other sports in terms of global impact through streaming.

Mansana and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced on Tuesday a 10-year deal that will allow all games to be broadcast on AppleTV.

“Today, Apple and Major League Soccer announce that Apple TV will be the exclusive place to watch all MLS games live starting in 2023. This partnership is historic for such a major professional sports league, allowing fans around the world to view MLS content. the company said in a statement.

All matches can be watched through this streaming service. Similarly, it was announced that you would require a subscription at an unknown cost. However, if you already have AppleTV+, MLS will be free.

Don Garber, commissioner of the MLS declared for sports illustrations that this is no ordinary union between a league and a television station where rights are exchanged. This agreement is more of a business strategy that will improve the mutually supported product.

“Think of Apple and what they have done to be ubiquitous in our lives so that they really engage us with great products, news and information or music. When we determined what our new media strategy would look like. … this idea is to take our local games, take all of our games that have traditionally been on linear networks, take our games that we’ll be selling globally, and then take all the content that we’ve been producing over the years. ‘ said the commissioner.


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