MLB: Tampa Bay Rays throw no punches, but still win over Boston Red Sox

TI have Tampa Bay Rays won Boston Red Sox with a two-run home run in the 10th inning on Friday at Tropicana Field.

After nine hitless innings of baseball, on top of 10th place, Boston took a 2-0 lead. The Rays finally hit the board when the auto runner Randy Arozarena moved to third base on beam Hansel Roblesscoring on an erroneous throw by a Red Sox second baseman Trevor’s story.

Close but not a cigar

Kevin Kiermeier then hit his first career two-run homer to end the game. Kiermeier came up to the plate when Ray had two outs and hit a 3-1 fastball to the right places.

Even though Tampa Bay missed a rare 10-inning no-hitter, they celebrated Kiermeier’s game-winning shot in a boisterous manner. A 10-inning no-hitter has only happened four times in history. MLB history, and the last time it happened was in 1997.


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