MLB Recap: Nola Brothers Battle, Freeman Returns to ATL, Yankees Lose at Home


Major League Baseball (MLB) had an eventful Friday, June 24 that witnessed history in San Diego, Atlanta and New York.

in San Diego Padres won Philadelphia Phillies 1-0 as the Nola brothers battled it out in what would become a historic game.

Austin Nola hit his brother’s RBI single Aaron Nola in the sixth inning for the game’s only series and victory for the Padres.

For the first time since 1900 MLB the player left in the only game series from his brother.

in Los Angeles Dodgers won Atlanta Braves 4-1 emotional night for Freddy Freemanwho returned to ATL for the first time since leaving the franchise.

Freeman, 32, won 2021 World Series like Brave where I spent 15 seasons.

Upon his return, he received a standing ovation and a championship ring and admitted that he still loves Atlanta with all his heart.

“I’ve always told you guys how much I love bravethis city,” Freeman said. – I thought I really loved this city and this organization, but I think you can tell how much I really love this organization and this city.

“I don’t even know how I’m going to get through this weekend guys, to be honest.”

in New York Yankees were on pace for a historic 120-win season but lost Houston Astros on Friday, losing 3-1.

The Yankees entered the competition with a 15-game home winning streak and with Aaron Judge just signed for 2022, but that’s where the celebration ended.

The Astros, who lost the 2021 World Series to the Braves, ruined an incredible start to the Yankees’ season.

yankees now 51-19 and rank second in the number of runs in baseball (after New York Metswho won Miami Marlins 5-3 on Friday), while allowing the least amount.

The home team went to the match in a draw third best start in franchise history through 69 games.

Despite the loss, the Yankees are still one step ahead. all-time record wins 116owned by the 2001 Mariners.

MLB results as of June 24, 2022

Metz 5-3 Marlins

stars 3-1 Yankees

Red Sox 6-3 Guards

Pirates 3-4 rays

Dodgers 4-1 Braves

citizens 2-1 Rangers

Athletics 1-3 members of the royal family

Rocky Mountains 1-0 Twins

Blue Jays Brewers 9-4

orioles 4-1 White Sox

cubs 3-0 Cardinals

Mariners 4-3 angels

Tigers 5-1 Diamondbacks

Phillies 0-1 Fathers

networks 4-2 giants


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