Mister Donut Lucky Bags basically pay you in Pokémon for eating donuts, being a hero to your friends


No luck with that guaranteed amazing package of sweets and goodies.

One of the sad but fundamental truths in life is that human beings have limited resources but also unlimited desires. For example, we’d happily spend every yen we have on donuts if we weren’t left without the money needed for things like housing, clothing, and Pokémon commodity.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet figured out a way to pay rent or get dressed on your back while eating donuts. There is though a yearly way to basically get limited edition Pokémon stuff for freeand this year it’s back with a Japanese donut chain Mr. Donut. Like many Japanese companies, Mister Donut leads the way fukubukuro/lucky bag promotion around New Years but unlike many other places Mister Donut tells you ahead of time what you will get and it would be a great deal even without the addition of a cute Pokémon Okay.

For example, in the “lucky bag” package for 2,400 yen (US$17.25), you are guaranteed to receive the shoulder bag in the photo above, decorated with images of Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Cherubi, Swirlix and Slowpoke. You will also receive the so-called calendar, notebook and towel.

However, what really sweetens the deal is what you get coupons for 20 free donuts priced at 187 yen or less. In other words, you pay 2400 yen for 3740 yen donuts. It’s like Mister Donuts paying you 1,340 yen per take Pokémon items too, and things get even better with Lucky bag for 3600 yenwhich gives all of the above plus a Pokémon Clear the file, calendar and increases the number of free donuts to 30 (worth 5,610 yen).

▼ Clear file

▼ Five draft schedules. The one you get is the only random item in Mister Donut/Pokémon lucky bag promotion.

Finally, the top shelf 5,900 yen The package adds in bath towel and gives you 50 donut couponsthe equivalent of 9,350 yen of ring-shaped sweets.

▼ Bath towel

The lucky bags will go on sale on December 26, and the only potential downside is that donut coupons must be used by May 31, so putting 20-50 donuts into your schedule might be hard for some people, what’s with all those pesky fruits, veggies and other than desserts, which you will probably need to eat in the winter/spring months as well. However, Mister Donut allows register free donut vouchers through their smartphone app, allowing you to use them with friends and family as welldoing Pokémon happy bags of great group buy candidates or possibly the fastest way to become a hero to everyone in your circle of friends.

Source, images: PR times
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