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Missed for 3 weeks, thanks to collective mobilization to find Spiro! -Zimo News

Three weeks later, Spiro escaped from the owner’s car. A happy ending is due to the dedication of its owners, Internet users and the community. pays tribute to this beautiful chain of solidarity.

Spirou was found safe and sound near Saint-Etienne (20/11). Since he disappeared three weeks ago, his owner Justin has been actively looking for him.

Network alerts and daily bounce…

Justin was the victim of a traffic accident in Saint-Etienne. He asked the firefighters to rescue the dog from his truck. He was taken care of by them. Unfortunately, when his owner was taken to the hospital by emergency personnel, Spiro took the opportunity to escape.

After healed, the truck driver hurriedly searched for his loyal friend. On social networks, Internet users shared missing alerts, including officials from the local animal protection association. Even hunting is organized every day to find lost animals.

Abused by his old master

It is this chain of unity that makes it possible to find Spiro! ” I really want to thank everyone, Justin confided and joined On the night of the reunion, Spiro enjoyed a real feast; then we slept together.

Leaving this escape, the little survivor still needs to rest. corn” He is very good and is recovering ; He is very happy », let his master rest assured. ” I take good care of him…he will give it back to me!

As Justin and Spiro established a unique bond, this reunion was even more touching: a previous victim of abuse, this dog found the warmth of a loving home with his new owner in 2018 :” It is my traveling companion, I care about it like an apple in my eyes ! », Justin confided to

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