Miss World 2021 is postponed by the new crown virus: 23 out of 98 candidates test positive


Covid-19 has completely disrupted Miss World 2021In the last test before the awards ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico this Thursday, 23 of the 98 candidates tested positive. It has been postponed.

A total of 38 people among the contestants and technicians were infected. All participants of the event will be quarantined and will be tested daily. Once they are well, they will return to their respective countries.

There were already 17 positive results on the eve, after which the organizers decided to reduce public participation, and infected applicants will participate in a virtual way.

Crowned “in a safe environment”

Miss World Chairman Julia Molly emphasized that they are eager to “contestants can enjoy their game, and one of them will be crowned Miss World in a safe environment for everyone.”

“For these young women who are preparing to participate in the competition and represent their country, there is nothing that should detract from or tarnish their experience. That’s why we take these measures,” he added.

In recent days, the Covid-19 cases on the Caribbean islands have been linked to large-scale incidents and caused the temporary suspension of the National Baseball League.

The health department confirmed this Thursday that 423 of those attending the concert tested positive. Bad bunny Last weekend, there were 39 members of the baseball league.


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