Miriam de Ungría returns to Spain to say goodbye to her father


Despite the fact that it was on October 27 when Bernardo de Ungría Goiburu passed away at the age of 98 and as a result of his advanced age, it has not been until now when his funeral has been officially celebrated. It was around 7:00 p.m. in the afternoon when all the loved ones of the founder of the Patentes y Marcas company went to the Parish of San Agustín in Madrid, specifically in El Visowhich was perfectly prepared to say goodbye to the father of Miriam de Ungría.

Miriam de Ungría at her father’s funeral / Gtres

As it could not be otherwise, the newlywed to the Jordanian prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad, cousin of King Abdullah II, has not missed the appointment. Completely dressed in mourning and with a visibly serious face, the jewelry designer He has not wanted to give many more explanations than what is already known to the media, hinting that he is suffering a very hard bump in his life after having experienced the happiness of having said “yes, I want” with the man he to this day it occupies his heart. However, the truth is that I had already had to deal with a similar setback three years ago, on the occasion of the death of his mother at the age of 92.

Javier Ungría at his grandfather's funeral / Gtres
Javier Ungría at his grandfather’s funeral / Gtres

Another of the most outstanding attendees has been none other than Javier Ungría. The one who was a life partner of Elena Tablada He was nothing more and nothing less than the grandson of Bernardo de Ungría, which is why this sad loss has also marked a before and after in his life when only a few months ago they had made their breakup public with David Bisbal’s ex and a new stage was already beginning, for the moment, alone, which could have started in the worst way.

Jaime de Marichalar at a funeral / Gtres
Jaime de Marichalar at a funeral / Gtres

Those who have attended this religious event in honor of the deceased businessman have not only been relatives. They have also been close to Bernardo and his relatives, such as Jaime de Marichalarwho as a close friend of the clan has not wanted to miss the opportunity to offer them all his support in such a difficult situation, in which he has remained at all times with a mask to avoid possible contagion by covid. On the other hand, it has also considerably highlighted the arrival of Jaime Martinez Bordiuwho has remained with a serious gesture at all times when the cameras have been pointed at, thus demonstrating that he is very hurt by everything that happened and that he only wants to encourage, with his presence, the relatives affected by this death.

Jaime Martínez Bordiú at a funeral / Gtres
Jaime Martínez Bordiú at a funeral / Gtres

It is very probable that, after this mass, Miriam de Ungría returns to London To continue with her new life as a princess, she will be close to her children, her husband, and, of course, her impeccable jewelry business.


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