Miner seriously injured after machete attack in Madrid


Madrid (EFE) linked to youth gangs.

The events occurred around 4:45 p.m. in the vicinity of Avenida de Orovilla, very close to the IES Espinillo, whose victim is a student. There, two individuals carried out the attack and then fled towards the Caja Mágica, EFE informed police sources.

Doctors from Samur-Civil Protection treated the attacked minor, stabilized him and transferred him to the 12 de Octubre hospital in the capital, Madrid emergency sources informed EFE.

The miner had a deep wound from machete blows.

The minor had a deep wound from a machete blow to his hand, which affected several tendons and nerves, for which a tourniquet had to be applied and he will have to be operated on at the aforementioned hospital. The head injury is minor and he also had bruises on various parts of his body.

According to the first police investigations, everything indicates that the attack is linked to disagreements between members of youth gangs, even if the investigation must confirm this point.

It was agents of the Municipal Police of Madrid who intervened in the event, but due to the type of attack, it should be the National Police who will take charge of the investigations to, first of all, identify and arrest the perpetrators of the bombing events.

Local agents were forced to cut off one of the lanes of Avenida Orovilla, which runs under the M-40 highway, to facilitate the work of the health services.


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