Mindy Kaling Avoid This Thing All Her Life


Mindy Kaling Reveals That She Spent Most Of Her Life Avoiding This One Thing

Recently, actress Mindy Kaling has appeared. The Kelly Clarkson Show. In an interview with the show’s host, Kelly Clarkson, Mindy Kaling revealed something she had avoided for most of her life. Keep scrolling for more interview details.

In a short video clip titled “Mindy Kaling Trying to Avoid Being a Meme”, Mindy revealed her fear of being used as a meme. The video began with Kelly explaining why she loves going to games.

“I love games because of mixing and eating,” Kelly said before laughing, and then added “and the game.” Later, Mindy said she was worried that the cameras would catch her eating a hamburger. As a result, he would prefer to sip water.

The witty conversation between Mindy and Kelly continued as Kelly shared her eerie photographic experiences with her guest. Kelly admitted that he took a lot of spooky photos without his knowledge.

The award-winning singer explained how creepy they were as she made weird and funny faces before saying she didn’t care. At this point, Mindy said, “I feel like I’ve been avoiding memes for most of my life.” Kelly didn’t feel the same way, repeating that she didn’t mind being used as a meme.

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Here’s What Mindy Kaling Shared About Her Fear.

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During the interview, Mindy also shared a funny incident where she inadvertently ignored professional basketball player LeBron James. The Primetime Emmy Award nominee shared details of the incident when asked if he noticed LeBron taking pictures from the stands because he’s so recognizable.

According to Mindy, LeBron once waved at him in a game but wasn’t sure it was him, so he ignored him.

When Kelly asked Mindy if she was waving at LeBron, she admitted she wasn’t. It later turned out that he didn’t want to be in the awkward situation of reciprocating, and that the basketball player was waving to himself, not really himself. According to him, “I didn’t want to be that guy.”

In response to Mindy, Kelly said she’s had such awkward moments many times before. She added that mindy has many things she doesn’t want to be.

The ladies laughed as Kelly jokingly advised Mindy to go out with him so she could feel better. Mindy and Kelly’s interview was enjoyable and exciting for the fans and viewers of the series.


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