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The stress, urgency and, in general, the accelerated pace that we usually carry in our daily lives often make necessary small stop to devote ourselves. Work, family, errands, social commitments … back to routine after the summer and the start of the course means that we live at a constant high pace, which can lead to a feeling of stress, anxiety problems and also insomnia.

For this reason, it is important to try to maintain a good state of health, not only physically but also mentally. In this regard, experts from Metropolitan Club They have made a list of the best mindfulness and relaxation methods. Mindfulness is a movement that uses basic concentration and meditation techniques to breathe better, relax and find balance.

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Yoga has always been pointed out as one of the activities that provide greater well-being, especially because it helps to relax the nervous system and reduce stress. Thanks to this discipline, relaxation and breathing exercises are worked to achieve the perfect balance between body and soul. With the practice of yoga, body flexibility increases, muscle strength is improved, muscle and joint mobility is improved and balance throughout the body is processed. In addition, this exercise includes a series of breathing exercises, which provide great benefits against stress, as it reduces the heart rate and relaxes the body, which facilitates mental calm, improved rest and greater concentration.


Meditation can be a good ally for calming mental noise and achieving a state of well-being and emotional balance. This ancient practice also has very noticeable benefits such as reducing anxiety and stress. In the same way, daily exercise helps to improve the mood, rest better and relax the mind, in addition to reducing muscle tension and improving overall health.

A woman doing yoga / Gtres


The muscle stretching exercises they should be a part of our daily habits. They are just as important as a good physical workout and their training is crucial for physical mobility, muscle and joint health, as well as to avoid injuries. Do stretching helps to relax the tense muscles produced by the hectic pace of everyday life, as it reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Performing different stretches daily is important to calm the mind and enjoy well-being.

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This method is based on different disciplines. During its practice, the development of the internal muscles is processed which helps to maintain the body’s balance and strengthens the spine. Integrate the practice of pilates In training routines, in addition to improving posture and strengthening different muscle groups, you can achieve a strong, flexible, harmonious and healthy body. On the emotional level, the Pilates method is really beneficial for achieving body awareness, eliminating mental noise and resolving blockages or tensions that have accumulated in the unconscious and helping to relax.

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