Milorad Dodik threatens to “rebuild a Serbian army” in Bosnia if the country is not “demilitarized”-zimo news


Milorad Dodik, a member of the Tripartite Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, who has been in power in Banja Luka for 15 years, threatened to remove the Republic of Serbia from Bosnia’s common institutions, especially It was removed from the army. He is opposing a resolution that sanctions beautify or deny war crimes.Back from Russia, where he met Vladimir Putin, he received world On December 4th in Banja Luka.

Threatened by new sanctions by the European Union and the United States, you travel to Russia to meet Vladimir Putin. In the confrontation with the German Christian Schmidt, the senior international representative of Bosnia, have you found the support you hoped for?

The kind of dialogue I can have with President Putin is very different from my dialogue in Sarajevo or in the West. It is very honest. We are trying to find a solution to the political crisis in Bosnia.

Mr. Putin confirmed to me that Russia did not vote to appoint Christian Schmidt as Bosnia’s senior international representative to the UN Security Council, and therefore the latter has no legitimacy. Mr. Putin’s approach is that the leaders of the three Bosnian nations must engage in dialogue and compromise without foreign interference. So the situation is clear: Bosnia does not have a high-level international representative. I have no time to waste on Mr. Schmidt.

Mr. Putin also told me his views on NATO, and I agree. We refused to make Bosnia a member of NATO, which bombed the Serbs twice in 25 years.

Are you still threatening to withdraw from the Republic of Serbia from the Bosnian army?

The story of the Bosnian army is unreasonable. This army is meaningless. It is actually more like a NATO army than a Bosnian army, and its officers talk more with foreign officials than with the three presidents of our country.according to [l’accord de paix de] Dayton [signé en 1995], Every entity in the country must have its own army. The Republic of Serbia had its own armed forces until a senior representative ordered the integration of these armed forces. This military law is illegal.

For me, the best solution is that Bosnia has no armed forces. I propose complete demilitarization. If that is not possible, then we will return to the Dayton Clause and rebuild our army. The Parliamentarians of the Republic of Serbia will soon register to revoke our agreement with the Bosnian army, and then we will have six months to negotiate. If negotiations for the demilitarization of Bosnia are not successful in six months, then we will reform the army of the Republic of Serbia.

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