Millennial sex in the Parisian suburbs

A portrait of the urban romances of four young men from the Parisian suburbs, each of different origins and backgrounds, but united by the same uncertainty, a vague mixture of loneliness, longing and instability, is the plot of the director’s new film. Jacques Audiard.

Paris, 13th arrondissement perhaps this suggests a descent into the light, daily and immediate in the author of The Prophet and Rust and Bones (recently coming from his experience with the international western, Brothers Sisters), but it retains a certain narrative caper: there is room in the film for a general outline of the film throughout its entire length. life crossed at the same time, he briefly develops two stories of love and grief, placed in one work.

The film, screened and highly acclaimed at Cannes, tells without sentimentality or excess about the failures and contradictions of a handful millennials that they find in sex a flight forward in the face of the work, sentimental and human insecurity they face. Some personal relationships that Audiard could portray coldly and methodically, but to which he can add humor, frankness and understanding without losing the eloquence of his state of observer.

The film in black and white and realistic aesthetics has a dynamic production and is always interesting. There is an energy in all shots that showcases Audiard’s qualities as a superb storyteller who works with multifaceted characters rather than stereotypes. somewhat Paris, 13th arrondissement This is a film with a certain optimism as it goes through the unusual places of two love stories that begin and also end others, giving birth to a hypnotic film (this initial shot passes through the concrete blocks of the Les Olympiades area) without boasting that it has handed the viewer more than a slice life.



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