Miley Cyrus breaks Pete Davidson’s weird love triangle


Tor clarify the situation, Miley Cyrus invited Pete Davidson for New Year a holiday on which she will sing, and he will perform with a fashion set. The singer and comedian have been friends for many years. On Thursday, they both appeared on The Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon promote your event. But it was strange that at the same time it was happening, Kanye West trashed a concert with Drake with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian visit. During the event, the rapper publicly pleaded with Kim to return to him and rebuild the family. It is clear that Pete Davidson is right in the middle of a weird love triangle and he needed help.

For three different segments Jimmy Fallon show it was obvious that Pete Davidson and Miley Close friends. They played a game, she delighted him, and they even shared a funny story about how to get the same tattoo. But it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room like Kim Kardashian must meet Davidson Now. In truth, Davidson probably doesn’t even care about everything Kim and kanye situation. He probably already knows that he needs to get out of there as soon as possible, but may not know how to do it. Where is it Miley came in to do a last minute save, the man needed a different distraction this time of year, and this concert is the perfect excuse.

How do I watch Miley Cyrus’ event with Pete Davidson?

V New Year’s special party to air on NBC and it was created by showrunner SNL, Lorne Michaels… It will start at 22:30 on December 31 and will end half an hour after New Years and will be held Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson… This special will also be streamed live Peacock and Michaels will executive produce the show for both networks. This show is destined to replace the famous New Years Eve on NBC special, which was organized Carson Daily since 2017when traditional NFL games stopped broadcasting instead. If it works from the viewer’s point of view, there is a chance Lorne Michaels will also get a seat next year.

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