Mike Tyson Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr: Why Do Boxing Legends Hate Each Other?


Tor talk about Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is to talk about two historical figures in the world of boxing. In addition to characters that have caused controversy in and out of the ring.

The quality of both fighters is undeniable, both left a great legacy in this world and to this day what they did is still talked about.

Despite the fact that both have a name in the boxing world, the relationship between them does not work out, and the rivalry has gone beyond the ring.

Why do fighters hate each other?

Several times both fighters publish materials about each other, discrediting a fact or criticizing what they are doing.

Recently, Tyson was reluctant to speak his mind in a controversial way when asked about the number of belts and titles Mayweather has in boxing.

“There are never enough belts in boxing because every fight is like a championship fight, it’s more money for the fighter. Belts are missing. To be clear, there is one champion and there are 10 other guys, how long does it take for this champion to fight those 10?” he stated in an interview with Essentially Sports.

Exchange of accusations between Tyson and Mayweather

In addition to the above, another reason why the relationship does not add up was the situation that occurred in Las Vegas.

Mayweather allegedly forced the police to come to Tyson’s mansion and conduct a search there, which did not please the veteran fighter.

This was allegedly in response to Tyson allegedly accusing Mayweather of sexual assault and assault on a woman. This cannot be proven in US courts.

“Money” claims the title of the greatest fighter in the history of boxing, ahead of Muhammad Ali. Statistics speak in his favor that he has never lost in his career, but for Tyson this is not the case. He doesn’t share any opinion and only says that Mayweather is “delusional” about it.


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