Mike Tyson recalls how Dana White ‘forced’ him to fight sharks on TV show


Ddespite being one of the most powerful sports magnates, Dana White maintains a close relationship with the real ones Mike Tyson. Many people fear him for what he has represented for so many years, but Dana White genuinely cares about the former world heavyweight champion.

There was a time when Tyson wasn’t the successful person he is today, he didn’t have all the businesses he owns now or the successful Hot Boxin podcast. Dana White understood this and wanted to prevent Mike from returning to boxing at an advanced age. Instead, White decided to get Mike Tyson a job as one of the guests on the popular TV show Shark Week. Little did he know that at the time Mike hated the idea.

Today, they both tell the story as an anecdote, laughing at the absurdity of the idea. But Tyson did feel that at the time Dana was abusing him, he really dreaded the thought of getting into the water with the sharks. In a recent Instagram post, Mike Tyson appears alongside Dana and tells his friends this particular story.

Here’s what he said in the video: “Dana gets me a job at shark week, he really cares about me – Dana really cares about my well being. I’d rather fight a lion, but now I have to fight a shark? oh he really cares about me. They came over and the boat began to rock, and I thought I was going to be sick of the boat. I’d rather have a shark eat me out of a cage.”

Dana White’s point of view on the whole situation

When Dana heard Mike’s story, he filled in the blanks. He told their friends that everyone on the Shark Week crew was very terrified of how pissed off Mike Tyson was by the idea. Although they did not assume that his fear was caused by the inability to swim, and not communication with sharks. This has to be one of the most Mike Tyson stories ever told.


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