Mike Tyson flying coach again


Mike Tyson still flies commercially despite a physical altercation with an overzealous fan on a plane in April. The former champion said TMZ Sport that he has no concerns about similar situations in the future.

On Friday, we saw the legendary boxer en route to what turned out to be another commercial flight. Los Angeles and when asked if flying with normal people in the future bothers him at all, just three months after hitting a man on a plane for bothering him.

tyson, on the other hand, said that it would never cross his mind, saying TMZ, “Never!” The 55-year-old former fighter claimed to be more zen now. “Have you heard of Tyson 2.0, my weed brand?” Tyson commented. “That’s what I’m talking about now, dude. i’m all about Tyson 2.0.

It’s worth noting that Tyson has previously stated that his wife urged him to fly only on private flights.

When asked what advice he would give celebrities dealing with overly enthusiastic fans like the one he faced in April, Iron Mike said there was only one solution: “Love them.”

Previous incident with Tyson

Tyson was involved in a physical altercation with jetblue airline passenger in April. According to reports, Tyson was not the one who started the fight.

Tyson claimed that the passenger he ended up hitting “fucked” him, confirming reports from TMZ Sport that the allegedly drunk passenger harassed him and ignored his pleas to leave him alone before throwing a water bottle at him.

Tyson lamented the fact that he found himself in this situation by taking a public flight.


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