Mike Tyson confesses: Evander Holyfield’s ear tastes like ass


Mike Tyson said he wasn’t a big fan of the taste Evander Holyfieldear 25 years after being bitten off in the ring.

The incident made headlines at the time and is one of the things that Tyson best known even today despite his incredible boxing career.

During a radio interview with Alex Joneshalf Tyson chewed on one of his popular “Mike Bites”, cannabis-infused chewing gums that are shaped like Holyfield’s bitten ear.

“Tastier than Evanderear, ” Tyson joked about the food.

Evander Holyfieldthe ear tastes like a donkey.”

How did Mike Tyson bite Evander Holyfield on the ear in 1997?

During the fight for the WBA heavyweight title. Tyson unexpectedly a little Holyfield in the ear in the third round.

“In the third round with Holyfield dominance in combat Tysonthere was a bite,” wrote Ivaro RocaMARCA, describing the incident.

“The challenger was penalized one point, but in the next round, to the shock of the public, he, like a hungry animal, rushed into the opponent’s ear.

“At this point, the referee put an end to the shame by disqualifying Mike Tyson.”

Tyson: I would bite Holyfield again

“If he did what he did to get bitten, I would bite him again, yes” Tyson said in 2020.

“I bit him because I wanted to kill him. I was very angry because he hit me on the head and everything.

“It knocked me out of the fight plan and all that. Look, for better or worse, I won’t let anyone take my glory.”


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