Mike Tyson and Ric Flair: ‘Will Smith’s slap was staged, I would have slapped Chris Rock’


THere’s a joke about what Will Smith would do if there was another celebrity instead of Chris Rock likeMike Tyson joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. But “Iron Mike” seems to be coming. Will Smith side instead of Chris Rock. You have to understand that the former heavyweight champion has been the butt of jokes for decades due to his behavior outside the ring. Not only was he convicted and imprisoned, but he also has a speech impediment that causes daring comedians to impersonate him at every opportunity. Back in the 90s, Mike Tyson jokes were an extreme sport for comedians. Although not many people would joke with him right in front of him.

These days, Mike Tyson is an active cannabis activist who has a podcast called “Hotboxin” with Mike Tyson. He has every celebrity you can think of on the podcast, and this time he’s brought in WWE legend Ric Flair. On this episode, both contact sports legends agreed that the entire slapping drama was staged, but they also agreed that they would have slapped Chris Rock, not slapped, for joking about his wives. “I can speak for myself and I’m pretty sure I speak for Mike,” Flair said. “If for any reason I didn’t like a remark someone made about my wife, I would slap them, not slap them. When you get mad at someone, you don’t spank them, you hit them. .”

As Mike listened, we all suddenly realized that this was a former heavyweight champion who was about to offer his five cents for the famous slap. Here’s what he said: “If Rick says it’s fake, then it’s fake. It will also be more than one hit,” Mike said of Ric Flair’s decision. It seems that despite his days of love and peace at the moment, “Iron Mike” would still react violently if his wife’s honor was at stake. He doesn’t seem to care about decorum or any kind of criticism from the comedy community. In any case, no comedian would even dare to contradict Mike Tyson. Most of them still idolize him.


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