Mike Tindall Reveals His Swallow Me Earth Moment With Princess Anne


Mike Tindall does his thing again and, this time, with direct reference to one of the most valued members of the british monarchy. We knew that Princess Anne had a great sense of humor, but we certainly didn’t expect that her son-in-law could put her in such a compromising situation and she would be able to get out of it with such grace and wit.

Princess Anne with her family.

the husband of zara phillips He is participating in a reality show on British television, in the style of Survivors, but in the middle of the Australian jungle. A few days ago she revealed an anecdote with Prince Enrique, but now it is his mother-in-law’s turn. A detail that, on the other hand, suggests that the also nephew of the king charles he keeps a lot of secrets that he could tell at any moment, yes, he is surely fully aware of what limits he cannot exceed.

Apart from this, the truth is that what he has commented this time has left more than one stunned. Mike Tindall has revealed that during a birthday party his pants tore in front of his mother-in-law, Princess Anne, with all that this implies. Zara’s husband left his underwear uncovered, and this shouldn’t be of much importance as it is a family environment, but the truth is that Tindall has said that he was not wearing underpants to use, but rather a much more original garment, almost to the point of scandalous.

Mike Tindall with the Princess of Wales and their young son.

“It was Zara’s 30th birthday and the theme of the party was the 70s. She was dancing on center court and she was wearing a rather tight jumpsuit”, has begun by saying the former athlete, who complains that nothing of his size never fits him because of the size of his legs, given his past in rugby. “I was with my mother-in-law and I ripped my pants right in front of her and my boxers were visible,” he recounted. Everything could have been there, but Zara’s husband had a message on his underpants: “nibble on my nuts.” A few words that the Princess could read and she did not hesitate to answer: “I would prefer not”. An anecdote that has caused laughter in the contest companions of Carlos’s nephew-in-law of England.

Without a doubt, this new revelation by the husband of Zara Phillips is further proof of why the sister of Carlos of England is one of the great assets of the Crown. An engaged royal with the institution, but who is capable of pulling a sense of humor even in the most tricky moments.

Throughout his participation in this space, Mike Tindall has already made some more revelations, especially about his relationship with the granddaughter of the Queen Isabel. Tindall has acknowledged that the couple met through Prince Harry in 2003 and that on their first date the two ended up drinking.


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