Mike Tindall reveals his ‘break-in’ with Prince Harry


No audio after months Mike Tindall, the husband of Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, once again the protagonist of the social chronicle. But this time for a reason that has nothing to do with royalty.The former rugby player packed his suitcase and headed to the jungle to be a part of it of participants I’m a celebrity…get me out of here! ‘, English version survivor.

That’s it, although one of the fears about him being on a reality show might come to light Untold royal details, the truth is, he has made small brushstrokes about his relationship with The Crown over the years. In September 2021, Zara Tindall’s husband revealed his relationship with Prince Henry In 2003, while celebrating England’s Rugby World Cup victory.

Mike Tindall smiles / Gtres

Apparently, a “drunk” night led Mike and his teammate Ian Balshaw to develop a plan to test his son’s safety. Mrs Dee. They both thought it would be a good idea to try attacking the prince and see how long it would take his bodyguards to pin them down.That’s it, although everything seems to be a joke, it turns out to be expensive because Enrique’s security They moved quickly and were on the ground in just “seconds”The incident happened a decade ago but will still be the talk of Buckingham Palace, according to TV reports. That’s it, now that Prince Enrique and Meghan Markle are no longer part of the monarchy, their royal security has been reduced to a minimum.

Mike and Zara Tindall at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II/Gtres
Mike and Zara Tindall at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II/Gtres

The relationship between Mike and Enrique has been unknown since then, although everything seems to indicate that they have not maintained a close connection.During Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the former rugby player allegedly An unfortunate comment on the Queen’s grandson. according to Mirror, Zara’s husband will admit that the prince is behaving like a “jerk”. A few words were totally inappropriate because just the day before, during Thanksgiving Mass at St Paul’s Cathedral, Diana Wales’ son and his wife approached Mike and Zara to exchange a few words.

Mike and Zara Tindall / Gtres
Mike and Zara Tindall / Gtres

Now, with his participation in the survival reality show, the name Mike Tindall will be making headlines again. And, while all eyes are on him, it is believed that the great protagonist of today will be Prince Henry, when his Memories.


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