Mike Pence rejects Leah Thomas’ victory due to her being transgender.


Fformer Vice President of the United States Mike Pence gave a talk at the University of Virginia on Tuesday evening and discussed a number of issues, including Leah Thomasrecent NCAA victory.

In March, Thomas became the first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I National Championship, doing so in the women’s 500-yard freestyle, but Penny refuses to recognize this prize as valid.

Emma Veyant won this race. Penny said as he spoke on the college campus.

“I know that in his address to the US Congress, the President Biden promised to defend the God-given right of men to compete in women’s sports, but common sense must prevail, and it will prevail.

“We must defend the integrity of women’s sports in America for the benefit of women everywhere.”

Controversial Mike Pence visited

It has been known for some time that Penny was going to attend the University of Virginia, causing controversy on campus.

The University of Virginia student newspaper last month called for his invitation to be withdrawn, but the campaign was unsuccessful and Penny did talk to the students on Tuesday evening.

The former vice president even turned to attempts to stop his visit during a response in which he discussed the right to free speech, a right he believes is being erased.

“I heard that before my visit to the University of Virginia there was a small controversy,” he joked to those present.

“I don’t need to tell conservatives on any college campus in America about the assault on free speech.”

PennyThe performance was organized by the Young America’s Foundation, which is a conservative organization. He and other conservative speakers have appeared at such events, touring various campuses around the country. He is expected to visit other universities in the coming weeks.


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