Microsoft launches $25 RROD poster-Zimo News

It is part of Microsoft’s history, like the blue screen of death on Windows, but RROD has more bitterness for gamers.

RROD, Red Ring of Death corresponds to the error code displayed on the Xbox 360 switch. When the 3 LEDs are red, the machine refuses to start again, which usually means that the latter is brain dead.

The problem is that a rather unstable design, overheating caused damage to the console’s CPU…Sometimes it can be repaired by disassembling the components and replacing the thermal paste…

Microsoft spent more than $1 billion to correct the malfunction and extend the warranty period of the console… However, the brand quickly accepted the problem and admitted the defect.

Today’s episode is part of the history of Xbox 360 and Microsoft I took a few posters priced at 24.99 eurosThe size of the latter is 45 × 60 cm.

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