Michigan: Cops Fist and Release Muslim Who Harassed Jews While Saying He Was Heading To Another Synagogue


The cops say their “cool exchange” with this hate-filled jihadist was just a matter of using “de-escalation techniques.” Now try to imagine the cops using the same “cool” techniques when arresting, say, a pro-life activist.

“Michigan Man Charged After Tackled Synagogue Attendees While Cursing Israel,” By Philissa Cramer, JTA, Dec. 5, 2022:

JTA – A man who was turned away by local police after disturbing people arriving at one of the Detroit-area’s largest synagogues on Friday was arrested Sunday on charges of “ethnic intimidation.”

Hassan Chokr was arrested two days after video surfaced showing local police questioning him and releasing him, even after he said he intended to head to another synagogue…

“He was hostile and verbally abusive, yelling profanities about ‘F Israel’ and ‘F the Jews,’ and threatening people, yelling that if they supported Israel, they would pay up or he would get them,” said Rabbi Mark Miller, Temple. Beth El’s chief rabbi told the Detroit Free Press. Miller said Chokr also used racist language against members of the synagogue’s security team…

A video of the traffic stop filmed by a man identifying himself as Chokr and posted on the “FreedomFighterHassan” social network shows the encounter in more detail; police indicated that the video was of the actual traffic stop.

In the video, Chokr tells officers that he has no weapons and was exercising his freedom of religion by asking synagogue attendees if they support Israel. He also uses racist language to describe blacks and tells officers that he did not want to hire a Jewish lawyer, as he said some had urged him to, because “the Jews are killing my people.” Agreeing not to return to synagogue that day, he then says, “I’m going to another synagogue.”

At the end of the traffic stop, Chokr is told he can leave when an officer punches him and says, “Do us a favor and don’t come back.”

The fist bump and apparently brilliant exchange raised concerns among local Jews and national anti-Semitism vigilantes concerned that the officers had not responded appropriately.

“As the mother of Temple Beth El, I am beyond disappointed with the law enforcement protocol and few actions taken,” a local woman commented in the police department’s first post. “Upset [is] an understatement.”

A police department lieutenant told the Detroit Free Press of the officers’ behavior: “There are some concerns about that.”

Still, the police department fought back in a second Facebook post on Sunday announcing that an arrest had been made.

“We are aware of the social media posts and videos of this traffic stop that are making the rounds,” the statement said. “Our officers achieved the objective of identifying the subject while using de-escalation techniques. … We cannot comment on specific investigative techniques, but we were able to assess that after the traffic stop, the subject would not be an imminent threat to the community.”…


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