Michelle Obama says she didn’t wear her hair in braids at the White House. Can you guess why not?


New to PJ Media:

One of the biggest obstacles to the left’s never-ending quest to portray America as a nation beset by “systemic racism” has been the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. What other country has elected a member of a minority that once faced daily discrimination to the country’s highest office? But former first lady Michelle Obama has come up with an imaginative new way to perpetuate the left-wing myth: She claims she didn’t wear her hair in braids while living in the White House because the American people, those idiots, hate… full of racists who twice voted for their husband, they just weren’t “ready” for the spectacle of his natural hair. Apparently, Mrs. Obama is working under the impression that the American people thought she was Swedish.

Tea Washington Post reported Thursday that, as First Lady, Michelle Obama “considered wearing her hair in braids” but “then she thought about the American people.” In 2009, it was impossible to stop the media from gushing about the First Black President, who received breathless adulation and even the Nobel Peace Prize before he actually did anything. But apparently, Michelle Obama thought that the American people had somehow failed to realize that the First Couple was black, and she chose not to upset the poor louts by pretending to be what she really was.

The American people, Mrs. Obama said, “were ‘adjusting’ to having a black president in the Oval Office and a black family in the White House, so he decided to keep his hair straight.” This was not her actual preference; it was a concession to the limitations of the ignorant Americans Barack ruled over: “It would have been easier to keep their hair in braids, Obama said, but ‘no, they’re not ready for that,’ he added, recalling his thinking at the time.” .

It’s too bad that no one who was present at the Warner Theater in Washington on Tuesday when Michelle Obama made these remarks asked her exactly why she thought Americans weren’t ready for the prospect of the First Lady in braids, or what she thought would happen if she had used them. Would KKK members have burned a cross on the White House lawn? Would the blond racists have descended on the White House with pitchforks? Would Bull Connor have set his dogs on the Secret Service agents guarding the Executive Mansion?

Whatever the reason, Meesh “sacrificed” himself, he sacrificed himself! Oh, how much these people have given for us! — “To do her hair the way she would have liked it so that her husband’s administration could focus on achieving her objectives instead of investing political capital in putting out a firestorm induced by her hairstyle.

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