Michael Owen shares Messi’s tweet to support Liverpool’s Champions League bid


BUTafter the announcement Liverpool were “the best team in Europe” before Champions League In the finale, Michael Owen responded to fans who taunted him by turning to Leo Messi for help.

The Reds lost 1-0. RealMadrid in Paris, with former Reds and Manchester United Fans ridiculed the striker after the statement Jürgen KloppThe Russian side was the best in Europe.

RealMadrid today you have overcome them, but you know better than anyone else that a one-time game is a one-time game.” Owen awning BT Sport.

“I still think [Liverpool are] the most formidable team in Europe and they don’t have either of the two big trophies to show it will be the biggest pill to swallow.”

Owen responded to his detractors by sharing Messi’s comments on his social media account. Like Owen, Paris Saint Germain the star believes that the best team has not won the Champions League this season.

Messi thinks the same

“The best team doesn’t always win,” he said. Messi. Real Madrid have not been the best team in Europe this season apart from their merit, even though they are Champions League winners.”

Owen the response also included a quote tweet that read: “And I got ridiculed for saying that. Enough said.”

TalkSPORT Expert Simon Jordan repeated Owenfeelings, a statement about the result of one game is not enough to change his mind that Liverpool are the best team.

“I think they’re wild, they’re electric, they’re almost impossible to deny” Jordan This was told in TalkSPORT. “Liverpool better side than RealMadridI’m not interested in individual games.

“I mean Chelsea beat Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Champions League, when it was generally accepted that Barcelona we were the best side. Individual play does not mean that the team is better.

“I think Liverpool in all aspects, from the goalkeeper to the center forward, they are better. They are more aggressive, pleasing to the eye and wilder.”


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