Miami’s new GP faces ridicule for its man-made dock


The first Miami Grand Prix in F1 history promised to build a marina in the center of the track. As it turns out, the boats will sit on tarps that mimic water. What aroused ridicule.

organizer of the first ever Miami Grand Prix Formula 1, whose race is scheduled for Sunday, and promises to build a pier in the center of the track. The idea: Wealthy spectators can enjoy the show inside their yacht. Just to add a sparkle to this grand American event. The things that were promised, the things that were due: On the eve of the first lap, the boat was there. But they don’t float. It turns out that blue tarps with fake reflections were laid on the ground to mimic water.

Inevitably, many amateurs of the discipline have become mockers on social networks.a reporter from sky sports He also made netizens laugh by pretending to swim in this fake water.

“I think it’s funny people make fun of it”

Tom Garfinkel, associate director of the Miami Grand Prix, still offered his take on the taunting. “I don’t think we take ourselves too seriously. I think people are enjoying it, and the people watching the race from the back of the yacht are going to have a good time. I think it’s good that people make fun of it,” he said in an interview Say motorsport.

The GP happens to be held in Miami Gardens, about 30 kilometers north of iconic Miami Beach. The 5.41-kilometer track is built around the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins American football team (whose CEO is Tom Garfunkel) and the Miami Open tennis courts. Organisers expect around 240,000 spectators this weekend, including more than 82,000 on Sunday.

Drivers and team managers were greeted like rock stars on Wednesday.It has to be said that F1 is betting big on this event, which has accelerated the discipline a bit in the US, where the series is drive to survive Productions from Netflix attract new audiences.

Departs at 9:30pm French time

Drivers will head to the track on Friday for tests scheduled for 8.30pm and 11.30pm (Paris time). The third session is scheduled for Saturday at 7pm, before eligibility is set for 10pm. The game will start at 9.30pm on Sunday.

Inspired by his replacement at Imola, Red Bull is aiming for first place in the constructors’ championship, with driver Max Verstappen trying to catch up to leader Charles Leclerc (Ferrari). Monegasque and Scuderia currently dominate the driver and manufacturer rankings with 27 and 11 point leads respectively.

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