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We were ahead of our time », Comments by Paul Bensabat, « but unfortunately we will have to stop because there are not enough French companies interested and on the sponsor side, contrary to what he said, they want to “wait and see”, so he doesn’t want to. it is possible to further finance the project. »

Four and a half months after its public opening (at the beginning of May), the magnificent “House of France and Europe” is disappearing, at least under that name. ” If people and companies are interested, we are now open for rent “. The disappointment is important because it is not the first time that French structures have failed in Miami. It is definitely not related, but the old version of Alliance Française went bankrupt in 2013 with a debt of 3.5 million dollars (1). In 2020, the previous consul Laurent Gallissot announced on the consulate’s website his interest in creating a new French center in Miami. At the time, it was the Design District that was targeted. Finally, the project will be carried out in a completely private, different way and not far from the Design District: on Biscayne (north of downtown cities).The concept was good: Miami will establish itself as the new gateway for businesses in the United States ”, rightly assured the four promoters, who are no novices in economic affairs in the United States, because Paul Bensabat is the president of the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) for the United States. ” We might have been right a year or two ahead “, laments Paul, ” but companies are still sporadically coming to the United States and not always to Miami. Others are delaying their implementation project, we are finally here, we have done everything that had to be done, it was an exceptional concept, but this is an observation: the project will stop. And so here is the end of a great adventure with partners who really dedicated themselves to the creation of a great tool that was quickly adopted by local French structures this summer. It must be said that such a beautiful building obviously had financial costs for Pavel. ” I am always ready to invest, but it has to work. We still had no interesting perspective there. »

So the space remains available, this time for everyone, and not just for companies coming from Europe, so you can rent it for exhibitions or events by contacting Paul:

Another negative consequence is the cancellation of the Salon du Livre, which was scheduled for November.

1 – The new version of the Alliance just reopened offices on September 8th, with the good news (somewhat) balancing out the bad…

  • To find out what the Maison de la France et de l’Europe project was, Click here :

Miami: Interview with the founders of the House of France and Europe


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