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He’s going to the Miami Grand Prix. The race will take place on May 8 between 15:30 and 17:30 (Miami time). It will be preceded by training on May 6 and 7 and qualification on May 7 between 4 and 5 p.m. In the USA, the race will be broadcast on ESPN.

Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit 2022
Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit 2022
The Miami Tennis Open has moved to Hard Rock Stadium
Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens

The circuit is 5.41 km long and consists of roads temporarily allocated to 57 laps of this race, around Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, which gives a total of 308 km. We hope that helicopters will be filmed in the distance, because this place where the race takes place is not exactly the most attractive in Miami… it can even be said that it is one of the most naughty (only highway junctions). However, the stadium is emblematic because it hosted six super bowls as well as unforgettable concerts. The Hard Rock brand is owned by the Seminole Native (“Indian”) tribe from Florida, whose reservation is right next door, hence the “Hard Rock” brand at the stadium. However, they do not belong to the Seminols; the major shareholder is the same shareholder as the football team that plays there (Miami Dolphins): Stephen M. Ross. He is the one who brought the Grand Prix to Miami. But it’s also a “big money” story, so it’s going to take place in a place that’s not really the most beautiful in the region! Of course, this does not mean that the race will not be good!


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