Mette Marit from Norway: worried about her health


Norway’s Mette Marit is back in the spotlight. The Norwegian royal family announced on Tuesday that the wife of the crown prince will be absent from the official commitment.One absence sets off all the alarm bells about daughter-in-law’s status King Harald. The princess had planned to meet with the Red Cross Stella Centre (Oslo), but after meeting some people she had to cancel her visit and return to her residence early.

Princess Metmaret of Norway in the official performance. / Getreth

It should not be forgotten that the princess’ health has always been fragile, as she was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis a few years ago, which has prevented her from carrying out her activities completely normally, despite her attempts to fulfill as many official commitments as possible.

Although not much information is provided about the state PrincessApparently, the cancellation of the event was related to his chronic illness, which has impacted his agenda on multiple occasions.This is not the first time Metmaret Forced to revise its forecast for commitments for health reasons. In fact, just a month ago, reports emerged that Prince Haakon’s wife had tested positive for the coronavirus. Despite heightened concerns over the health of Princess Ingrid’s mother at the time, the truth is that Mette Maritt recovered without serious complications from the infection.

Princess Mettemarette with her husband and eldest daughter. / Getreth

Pulmonary fibrosis is a degenerative and chronic disease that has not been given much information from the royal family, but this has forced the princess to reduce her activity rate and take regular breaks, although this does not prevent her from participating in the official agenda, at least for now. However, recently Mette Mariette’s health has been a cause for concern among Norwegians, who are skeptical about the institution’s future and bet on the prince’s daughter Princess Ingrid, who is of legal age and that he will get more and more Responsibility.

Princess Mettemaret at an official ceremony in Oslo. / Getreth

Although pulmonary fibrosis is the most serious disease affecting the princess, the truth is that Mette Maritt is not the only one to suffer from pulmonary fibrosis and her health has suffered greatly over the years. In 2008, he suffered a severe fall that affected his neck, and later, in 2013, he had to undergo surgery for a herniated disc. Also in 2015, he was involved in a traffic accident that left him seriously injured. However, the princess always stood out for her optimism and willpower in the face of any setbacks.


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