Messi’s unexpected demands to extend his contract with Barcelona in 2020

Leo Messileaving Barcelona was arguably one of the biggest talking points in the 2021 summer transfer window.

The Argentine legend spent most of his playing career at the Catalan club, reaching unprecedented heights in his career and establishing himself as one of the greatest stars in football.

Having won seven Golden Balls and two trebles with Barcelona, Messi eventually left the club due to financial difficulties following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world has now shown Messidemands to renew the contract with Barcelona in 2020.

Among the most notable of these demands is a private box at the Camp Nou for his family and Louis Suareza family; a private jet flight for his entire family to Argentina for Christmas; €10 million signing bonus; recover cuts due to the pandemic in subsequent years at an interest rate of 3 percent; and be able to leave Barcelona whenever he wanted, through a symbolic release clause of 10,000 euros.

Messi’s demand for a contract extension with Barcelona

Here are some of the details that emerged from the chain of emails between his father and the agent. George Messihis lawyers and former Barcelona the president Joseph Maria Bartomeu along with other members of the board of the club.

El Mundo had exclusive access to a number of documents and emails during the judicial investigation. In addition to Messirequirements, there is also documentation regarding Gerard Piqué as well as Neymarabout which the newspaper will continue to report.

It is also reported that Bartomeu accepted most of the terms, but not one to lower the transfer clause from €700m to €10,000, with the €10m bonus payable conditional on the club returning to its pre-Barkageate income.

Because of these disagreements, both sides broke off negotiations, and the story ended. Messi giving him a transfer request.

Negotiations began on June 11, 2020, and according to El Mundo, MessiThe legal representative requested the signing of a new contract for a period of three seasons with the possibility of a unilateral extension for the player.

He agreed to a 20 percent cut in the fixed salary for the 2020/21 season due to COVID, but demanded that 10 percent be returned in 2021/22 and another 10 percent in 22/23 at an interest rate of 3 percent per annum.

He also claimed the unpaid loyalty bonus already included in his contract in October 2020 and July 2021, with interest as higher wages.

They were to apply to amounts deferred at the end of the new contract.


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