Messi and Ronaldinho: an emotional reunion in Paris


Lionel Messi saw a familiar face by the field as he warmed up in front of Paris Saint-Germainwith Champions League group stage match against RB Leipzig Tuesday night, and his good fortune is to hug his former teammate Ronaldinho was clear to everyone.

The Brazilian, of course, also played for the French club before joining the club. Barcelonawhere he will witness Messi debuted professionally before sharing his dressing room for three and a half years.

In addition to combining on the field, the pair also got along well. Barcelona The fans will also have a lot of fond memories of meeting them.

Ronaldinho was in Paris to watch his former club as a guest of honor and seemed to enjoy the occasion.

“Guest of honor, artist, football genius. Our legend Ronaldinhowill be in Parc des Princes for the match against RB Leipzig. [on Tueday], “read the statement on the official PSG Twitter account earlier this week.

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