Messi and Ramos cannot return to El Clasico


TOAfter a long absence, El Clasico is finally returning to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and will do so without Sergio Ramos or Leo Messitwo players who had a huge impact on matches between real Madrid as well as Barcelona over the past decade and a half. Both captains of their teams, they shared a dressing room in Paris Saint Germain.

People have said that the French side made a big statement by signing the pair, but in reality both players would give anything to take to the Bernabéu field tonight.

It can be argued that they made not the best decision. bouquets as well as Messi left with tears in their eyes and a hoarse voice. bouquets wanted to make a U-turn when it was impossible. Messi was forced to make a move after the situation in Barcelona worsened.

Those eight months in Paris were nothing like they had experienced before. Injuries and sadness have taken a toll on two players who have seemed invincible in the past.

bouquets hopes to rediscover himself as a player after 14 months of injury problems. He’s close to it, but until he plays five games in a row, he won’t feel like he’s back. He willingly returned to Madrid to watch the second leg of the Champions League against his new team, and this will serve as a reminder to him of what he lacks.

Messi the environment in France did not help. Paris is not Barcelona and PSG were also not up to par, making it even more difficult to find the form. It just doesn’t perform at the level expected of it.

The impossible return of Messi and Ramos

Some are talking about the return of one or both of these players to their former clubs. Although the French capital is geographically close to the two main cities of Spain, figuratively speaking, they are very far from going back.

PSG just won’t let it happen. These were two players who were hailed as kings when they arrived in Paris and the club wanted to keep them.

However, one thing is certain. Without them, the Clasico would never be the same.


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