Message from Rocío Flores to her mother on the day she returned to TV


Today is a special day Rossio CarrascoA few weeks after leaving TV for reasons that have not been disclosed, she returned to “Save Me” on Wednesday, replaying the role of the audience defender and responding to the latest controversy surrounding her mother.Especially about the famous The Secret Diary of Rossio Jurado, In which the singer will write down thoughts that may shock some family members.

Rocío Carrasco in “Save Me” / Telecinco

The appointment announced by the show on Monday was not only marked in red by its fans, but also marked in red by everyone who wanted to see it. The second part of his document series, This will be called “in the name of Rossio”. However, until the beginning of the chapter planned to be broadcast this fall, the daughter of “The Greatest” found a job where she could act and express herself in “Save Me”.

This is a message shared by Rocío Flores / Instagram

Contrary to everyone who followed her and believed in her speech, some of her family members did not hesitate to express their different opinions. One of them is his daughter Rocío Flores.Or have a relationship for a few yearsAlthough the young woman has expressed her wish that they meet again on more than one occasion, Carrasco is not yet ready. And this situation does not seem to change in the short term. It proves that this is the last article that Flores published on his social network.

«A person’s greatness is not measured by money, study or beauty, but by Your inner loyalty And the humility of his soul” can be read in the story he shared, in which he added an important “Wednesday.” Although in a subtle way, the daughter of Antonio David Flores seems to pass These words conveyed a new message to her mother. He did something similar a few days ago, and when he learned that Carrasco would return to “Save Me” this Wednesday, he shared a picture with his brother Snapshot, The people we saw on the “Survivor” set Received Olga Moreno after winning the reality show.

And his younger sister, Gloria Camila, who rescued the fuchsia suit jacket from her wardrobe this week—a piece of clothing that has already been linked to Carrasco. Although this may be a coincidence, the actress first got together at Chipiona Cemetery to visit her mother’s grave, and now her father José Ortega Cano talks about Carrasco and his brothers. «If they have a sibling relationship, I would be very happy. When we arrived with the children, I realized that Rossio was very happy. I have always believed that she loved both of them and had very beautiful moments, but also wonderful times…» said the matador.

Rocío Flores in her Instagram/Instagram photos

Although Gloria Camila did not comment on the matter, he was informed a few days ago that Jose Fernando intends to restore contact with Rossito Once you can start to leave the center where you live. The information shared by his partner Miqiu will be part of the young people’s future plans, in which they will move to Madrid with the Andalusians and their common daughter and participate in the “Big Brother VIP”.

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