Mery Turiel Viralizes These New Balance: Ask the Three Kings


Mery Turiel wears New Balance sneakers that you will ask Magi, a basic that you will not be able to miss. These days when we’re making the wish list, there’s nothing better than getting the influencer’s shoes. A highly recommended option for everyday life, New Balance is the brand that will give us more than a joy in every way. From the US it has gone viral all over the world, thanks to Mery Turiel we have discovered these incredible sneakers.

New Balance is the favorite sneaker brand from Three Kings

The three wise men have Mery Turiel’s favorite slippers on the wish list of thousands of her followers. They are a type of shoe that has been in fashion for decades and thanks to this classic design, we will be able to wear it with almost our entire wardrobe, together with an important purchase or gift in these times.

The Sports shoes are not just for sports. The idea that we will wear this type of shoe only for sports has already been completely banished from popular ideas. We need to get a type of shoes that are especially comfortable for these times when it is important to tour the city or enjoy nature.

You can wear these sneakers with almost your entire wardrobe. Not only the training suit will fit these New Balance by Mery Turiel. Even with the suit jacket that we wear in the office or with a long or short dress, they will suit us perfectly, they are a safe bet to achieve a modern and dynamic style with retro airs.

Comfortable and elegant as well as versatile They are made of the highest quality materials and take care of even the smallest detail. These are good shoes that will accompany us on many occasions. White is a color to give a lot of light to our look, the green touch on the logo is what will make the difference.

The price of these New Balance is the only thing stopping us from already having them in our wardrobe. We can ask the three kings since then It will cost 105 euros in Asos, one of the online stores where there are still sizes. Since Mery Turiel took them, they have almost completely disappeared from all stores. If you don’t have them yet, ask for them and buy them so they can be at home as soon as possible.


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