Mery Perelló and Rafa Nadal, parents of their first child

After rumours in the first days and weeks of summer, confirmed Rafa Nadal and Meri Pereiro Together they will be parents of their first child.The big day is here, this Saturday, October 8, the tennis player’s partner gave birth in Palma PlanasAfter a pregnancy fraught with complications, the couple capped off their love story with the birth of Rafa Jr.

Photo by Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló / Gtres

Merry was photographed on the big white boat, and with Rafa Nadal and his closest entourage, she could enjoy some pleasant and relaxing days on the high seas.In a snapshot published in a report in the magazine Hi!can be seen as Merry have an early belly Therefore, it can be determined that he is in a state of hope.

Rafa Nadal speaks at a press conference after the good news. Although the couple is very jealous of their closeness, they can’t hide the joy of being able to start a family with great love. “If all goes well, I will dad‘, the Mallorcan told the media.

Rafa Nadal and Ciscar Perello Walk / Gtres

After becoming French Open champion, Nadal appeared in front of the media to announce his decision to return to Wimbledon.At one point he was asked about this new personal phase of his life as he was going to be a first-time father with him Mary. However, he revealed few details on the long-awaited intervention. “I’ve been very open professionally, and we personally like to keep a low profile for the peace of mind of me and the people I live with.”, Say. “I don’t know how life will change because I have no experience, but I’m not going to change my career,” he added.

Rafa Nadal and Ciscar Perello in file image/Gtres

In the final stages of her pregnancy, Meri Perello She was admitted to Quirónsalud Hospital at 31 weeks pregnant. as shown in Majorca newspapers, her relatives have been with her from the first day of admission, and she is supported by the environment closest to her. Fortunately, everything was in panic, as confirmed by Tony Nadal. «they are looking forward to. She has to rest, but nothing special,” he said to reassure everyone about Mallorca’s state of origin.

Who also set off all the alarms is Rafael Nadal After an altercation with LaverCup, he admitted he wasn’t having a good time. For him, the most important thing at the time was his parent-child relationship, above his professional tennis career. His former coach was convinced that he would perfectly combine two very different games:«He’ll do it completely normally, he’s not a special type, all footballers and a lot of people do. At first he’s going to Australia and it’s hard to separate from his son and his wife, but in the end it’s a price you have to pay.