Merchi, Isabel Pantoja or Agustín: Bernardo’s battered relationships


It has been during this very morning when Seville woke up with the worst news. After having spent a few most convulsive hours, Bernardo Pantoja died at the age of 69 at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital, although yes, accompanied by some of the fundamental pillars of his life Junco, Anabel or his sister Isabel. However, so far nothing has been known about his ex-wife mercedesbetter known as Merchi, with whom the singer’s brother had a six-year marriage, the result of which their daughter was born in common.

Merchi in Seville.

After having put an end to their love story, the parent of the former contestant of survivors she chose to move away from the media focus permanently, especially considering that endless rumors were surfacing around her that suggested that her former husband had been disloyal to her on occasion or other. Be that as it may, and despite having had many opportunities to sit on television sets, Merchi has remained firm in his convictions and in a hermetic background, although yes, supporting his daughter at all times whenever she has required it, and proving to have a mother-child relationship with her much more forged than the one her father could have.

Anabel Pantoja with Isabel Pantoja in 2019 / Gtres
Anabel Pantoja with Isabel Pantoja in 2019.

If something has stood out especially in Bernardo’s life, it is that he has practically never enjoyed a very good friendly connection with his daughter, especially considering that they were separated by a great physical distance since she had settled in the Canary Islands. At all times, Anabel tried to downplay the matter and hint that she “loves him madly”, although there were many people who came to consider that Yulen Pereira’s girlfriend he had more affection for his aunt Isabel than for his own father. Something that changed completely when Bernardo began to suffer complications from his diabetes, Anabel leaving her discomfort aside to stay with him until the last moment.

Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja on a set / Gtres
Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja on a set.

This is precisely what the sister of the deceased has also carried out. It should be noted that the relationship between Bernardo and Isabel has never been smooth, but the singer has always remained alert to the evolution of her brother’s state of health. So much so, that during the early hours of last Thursday, the singer did not hesitate to leave Cantora behind to go to the hospital where Anabel’s father was admitted. A movement with which she clarified that it was an extreme situation and that she did not want to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to Doña Ana’s son, also.

Agustin Pantoja / Gtres
Agustín Pantoja with Isabel.

The one who did not state at any time that he intended to say goodbye to Bernardo is his brother Agustín. It is vox populi the fact that Anabel’s father got along the worst with the relative who had the greatest support from Isabel Pantoja. Something that has now also been reflected, Agustín refusing to go to the hospital despite the seriousness of the matter.


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