Mercadona sweeps with its starter prepared for this Christmas for less than 5 euros


Appetizers are very important in any menu and at any time of the year, but the truth is that when Christmas arrives they take on special importance because many are prepared and they always try to innovate and make some that truly surprise guests at every opportunity. . Today we show you a Mercadona starter that will freak you out for its incredible combination of flavors and textures and that it will destroy everything this Christmas… it’s a commercial success!

Mercadona has a wide variety of products in its food section which will be ideal for preparing a complete repertoire of starters, for all tastes, making it the ideal place to buy everything you need for one of the lunches. or dinners where you go to celebrate at home The Valencian chain knows that much more is needed at the gastronomic level on these dates, and seeing its special products for Christmas, it is clear that it also knows what the public likes.

Mercadona’s duck pâté that will blow your mind

It is Assortment of Hacendado duck pâtésan authentic marvel of assortment in which you can find duck pâtés with different flavors and textures that will be an incredible explosion for the senses, one of those products that you really like to try and that will hallucinate anyone who tries it. The price of the 250g tray is currently €4.95an investment that is undoubtedly worth it since it will make you succeed in any lunch or dinner in which you are going to serve it.

East Mercadona duck pâté It offers 5 different pâtés, all made with duck but each with an extra flavor that makes it spectacular, except for one of them which is the natural duck pâté. The rest is candied meat and truffles, pumpkin, with caramelized onion and Pedro Ximénez. Any of these pâtés is a perfect starter, for example to spread on toast with almost any type of bread.

Regarding its nutritional values, each pâté has different values ​​but for 100 g they are around 250-300 kcala very caloric product but really the quantity consumed is not very great because it is a starter with which you could eat some toast… even if it is so good that you can eat them all at the same time!

It is important to keep in mind that once you have opened the container of each pâté you can store it for up to a maximum of 5 days in the fridge, longer would not be recommended as it will lose texture and in flavor.


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