Mercadona sells a luxurious mascara for less than 4 euros


Mercadona usually always distinguished by launching cosmetic products and beauty which makes everyone surprised because some of them have a high quality and also cost very little. When it comes to makeup, for example, we can find her latest lipstick marker or his makeup fixers, but now it has just launched a product that is already a “bestseller” in its supermarkets. We refer to Mercadona gold mascara, which many customers compare with those of some luxury brands.

Mercadona has the mascara that covers those of the luxury brands for less than 4 euros

The mascara It is one of those products that can make our makeup complete in a perfect way or vice versa which means that we have to go over the eyelashes for eyelashes to prevent them from being visible or stuck or full of product residues. Choosing a quality mascara is the key, but we do not always have to pay a lot of money for our mascara and Mercadona He shows us this with his new release.

It is about Deliplus Maxi Volume mascara. A Mercadona novelty that has managed to capture many young people who have shared their first impressions on social networks and of course it has quickly become a “bestseller” for, in addition to being a mascara that leaves you with perfect eyelashes, It has a price of only 3.65 euros.

This is Mercadona’s golden mascara

But what exactly is Mercadona mascara that everyone is talking about? Well, there’s one mascara with which you will be able to get lashes of “infinite” length without being clumsy or clumsy.

A mascara that stands out above all because comes with a brush or gupillon which does not consist of the classic brush that all lash brushes are made of, but rather They are made of silicone and have pointed threads so that we can get make up the eyelashes without knitting them and with an optical effect that makes them look much longer.

How do I use Mercadona gold mascara?

And to make your look and eyes look bigger, use this trick: start applying mascara from the lash line and outwards, lift the brush when applying to the upper lashes. It does not matter if you have applied a lot of product. When you are done open and close the eye and make sure that the upper lashes touch the lower one so that these will also last naturally without having to examine them and your eyes will look spectacular.

Thanks to this new Mercadona product, you will achieve a maximum volume Similar to the one you get with occasional luxury brand mascara but pay less than four euros, so do not take long to go on it because it already runs out in many Mercadona.

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