Mercadona: Rose water to restore the brightness of your face

The skin is our shield against threats from outside. Although it sometimes does not show it, it has daily wear throughout the year, especially in the summer with high temperatures and sun. The same goes for the harsh cold of winter. External agents affect it and therefore all the help we can give it is small. In the pursuit of its maintenance, Mercadona has seen a new business opportunity with the reformulation of a classic that never goes out of fashion: rose water.

The chain directed by Juan Roig is again Deliplus a winning and reliable brand. It has recently strengthened its leadership in the cosmetic world with the launch of this face-clean rose water mist for all skin types. And once again, the best of all is the price. The 100 ml bottle costs 3.20 euros, a negligible amount for the large number of applications that the container allows.

Some of the “youtubers” who do not lose details about all the products that Mercadona launches have already tried it and are happy with the result. The fog it leaves behind is spectacular and the scent is pure rose, which makes it leave a pleasant scent. As for its results, they have more than been proven since then gives freshness and softness to the skin, in addition to giving it a much lighter tone, thereby combating the effects of threats such as pollution.

If you do not want to apply the whole face, you can also take a sponge or a brush, apply the spray on them and paint on the face area you want. Among other positive effects of this Mercadona rose water is it contributes to the production of collagen which disappears with age, reduces stretch marks, hides wrinkles and reduces scars.

Mercadona’s rose water gives brightness to the skin and can be found in one of its supermarkets for only 3.20 / Deliplus

As it has a great moisturizing power, its use is also recommended on faces with acne or many pimples, as it will significantly reduce redness, scars and therefore soothe the skin of the skin. With daily use, you can say goodbye to blemishes because its antioxidant content makes cells stronger and delays skin aging. When it comes to fragrance, the presence of rose petal aroma is one of the most sought-after alternatives in cosmetics in recent years.

In short, Mercadona has managed to create a powerful antioxidant for the skin in a comfortable format and at a very affordable price. If you want your face to always be light and moisturized, do not forget to add rose water mist to your toiletry bag. We are sure you will love it.

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