Mercadona: Reinvent yourself with this completely revolutionary blue wine


Direct access to your table from the Piedmont region of Asti in northern Italy. Mercadona It surprises customers again, this is no longer a novelty. It added a wine called “Vega Cristina” by adding its winery’s catalog. This wine is made from Muscat grapes and has a sweet taste and the main characteristic is blue. So far, it is achieving success.

This is the successful Mercadona blue wine/Mercadona

It is an adaptation of classic Italian wines from the aforementioned wineries. It is recommended to drink cold, at a temperature between 6° and 8°, and it is special to eat with the appetizer of your choice. However, it is also ideal to pair with desserts. As always, what customers love most is the unbeatable price set by Mercadona for a 75 cl bottle: 1.70 Euro.

Foamy texture, rich fruit flavor, refreshing, low alcohol content, not affected by alcohol. This is how the new bet of the Valencian supermarket chain aisles its warehouses. It should be noted that it can be purchased in thousands of supermarkets in Spain and Portugal and on their websites.

One of the questions most users ask when buying this wine is what is its blue color.the answer is anthocyanin, A natural pigment with beneficial antioxidant properties for the skin, found in red fruits or grape skins. A complete revolution in the wine world separates the wine purists who defend classic colors from the most avant-garde who dare to try new flavors.

For those who haven’t tried it, this blue wine from Mercadona is similar in taste to white wine. The biggest difference is that, unlike Verdejo or Albariño, it has more fruity and sweet flavors. In addition to aperitifs and desserts, Perfect match with rice and fishHowever, some people prefer to drink it as cava or champagne.

Mercadona has no boundaries

The supermarket chain led by Juan Roig has the ability to surprise consumers with every product it sells.Whether it’s from its Deliplus beauty catalog to a new catalog Weight loss gum, Has become a bestseller.

Mercadona reduces chewing gum has become a viral phenomenon / Mercadona

It belongs to the “Chic * kles” series, a product made of zinc and probiotics. Zinc helps fat metabolism and macronutrient synthesis. According to the manufacturer, it is recommended to chew two tablets a day-together or separately-for at least six minutes. It is not recommended to exceed this dose because it may have a laxative effect.These Mercadona reduced chewing gums are sold for a box of 30 pieces 3.95 EUR.

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