Mercadona launches new nougat flavored with Kinder Bueno


Until recently, the only popular “celebration” after the summer on the Spanish calendar, It was October 12th, All Saints’ Day and December Bridge. The next thing is Christmas, this year is about to say goodbye, and the new year has begun.But globalization has made Recently, Halloween and Black Friday have become dates in many Spanish yearbooksThe same is true for companies and brands. As far as the horror party is held on October 31, its celebration has become an official step of the Christmas party. It doesn’t matter, After HalloweenThere is still a month and a half before Christmas, because there are countless shops directly from skeletons, spiders and pumpkins to tinsel, reindeer and fir trees. Mercadona will not be less.

But it seems Mercadona is unwilling to wait any longer, its nougat has been sold on shelves across Spain for a few days, With the novelty sweeping Twitter.This is a candy made with hazelnut cream, covered with chocolate, according to the above-mentioned social network It tastes like Kinder Bueno. Christmas candy made of the following materials Chocolate, milk, hazelnuts, crunchy biscuits and sweeteners The price of each 140g tablet is 1.45 Euros, and it is expected to become a best seller during the coming Christmas period. Like many Hacendado brand products, The manufacturer of this nougat is a well-known company that produces this type of candy.AntixonThe popular Alicante brand has produced most of the nougat sold under the white label of the Valencian giant.

After launch, The social network has given their verdict, Once again, Mercadona seems to have reached his goal: “Awesome”, “I want a hundred”, “It’s dead” or “Our downfall this Christmas” are just the accompanying photos on Twitter Some comments on Instagram The blue-packaged pills are already indispensable for those who have tried them.

Almond Nougat / GTRES

Cream custard with biscuits and peanuts, pistachios, coffee or yogurt with blueberries are just other flavors of this Christmas snack provided by Hacendado. It was not until a few years ago that egg yolks, coconut, almonds or chocolate were used for more traditional production.

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