Mercadona has products that make your hair smell good for 2.50 euros


Supermarket chain Mercadona He did it again.If the hair perfume at the time was a bestseller, now it is again Products that make your hair smell goodFor only 2.50 euros.

Because of the salt in the sea or the chlorine in the pool, even if we wash hair, The smell stays in our hair.

How does the product make your hair smell good?

This is hair perfume Hair Mist Deliplus contains D-panthenol, 50 ml bottle is worth 2.50 Euro, And every time the chain was relaunched, its sales were successful.

As the supermarket company explained, it is a vaporizer that can eliminate the unpleasant smell of hair caused by tobacco smoke, cooking, street odors, enclosed environments, or sweat itself.

This hair spray perfume and Moisturize hair immediately And how we deserve to provide more cared-for, healthier, and better-smelling hair.

Sales success

Last year, Mercadona sold more than 2,000 “Hair Mist” hair perfumes every day. It evaporates on the hair, not on the scalp, at a distance of 10/20 cm, it can combat the unpleasant smell of the hair.

Due to its 50ml size, it is very suitable for putting in a bag and Provides a clean smell that lasts for several hours It can be used on both wet and dry hair, unlimited times, suitable for all types of hair.

You can take it wherever you want, especially during the holidays You will see how your hair heals and no longer emits the old or unpleasant smell of tobacco.

What are its components?

Its ingredients include D-panthenol (provitamin B5), Provides long-lasting moisture and rich nutrition for the bristles; Will not stain or weigh down hair.

In addition, the packaging is environmentally friendly and must be recycled by removing the pipette and label before putting it in the yellow container. The cardboard box containing it must be placed in a blue container.

Deliplus is a whitening body care brand under Mercadona, with a variety of skin care and hair care products. For the whole family, we will see many accessories and products to solve our daily life at very low prices. In fact, Deliplus anti-wrinkle creams are some of the most famous on the market.

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