Mercadona has a painting tone that will not take off throughout the fall


This supermarket chain has launched the most attractive nail polish series. You won’t take them off!We have found Mercadona Have Nail polish color Autumn. Find out what they are and what is the best color.

We know everything is available in Mercadona, and now, thanks to its beauty and hygiene product brand Deliplus, it has arrived Force, a Special manicure, And at the cost of laughter, you will have a different color every day.

Nail polish color from 2.25 euros

Beautify your nails this fall and use the best color this time. Those that match your clothes perfectly. Jackets, jeans, sneakers, jackets and mid-length dresses are popular trends in these months.

Colored tiles

In these shades Some, There are tiles, one of the most symbolic tiles. It gets rid of red and provides more intense colors.

Bold green

there are more. For the boldest is green. The one that best matches with a green shirt and a black jacket. The best: the same price, 2.25 euros.


You don’t know which nail color Mercadona uses. Well, there are differences. Just like blue, you will know how to go well with jeans of the same color, Create an optical effect because there are very fewThe price is the same, and because it is very cheap, you can get several shades, so you won’t repeat it every day, you will keep changing.

Mercadona has a painting tone that will not take off throughout the fall


Mercadona has a tone of painting that you won’t take off this fall. Like mustard, because the Force series of the supermarket chain Deliplus also has this color, it will make you happy.It is one of themCurrent trend, Because it allows you to combine it with everything you want, and you will stay throughout the fall.

A safe bet to make your nails shine and show the greatest brilliance.

Polish your nails

There are more products to care for your nails. Just like Deliplus anti-bite treatment, it allows you to leave them without itching and other. Or anti-oxidant gel nail and cuticle treatment. De 2.95 and 2.50 euros, Respectively. Because in addition to makeup and manicure, if coloring your nails is useless, it is best to take good care of them.

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