Mercadona a Carrefour: The best low-cost white label cosmetic bag for your makeup this fall

In fact, in addition to the year we envisioned the end of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, 2021 is also a year of recycling. this low cost And white traces. Supermarkets continue to compete fiercely and continue to attract consumers who are eager to get more at less prices with preferential prices.Any news headed by name Mercadona, Liddell, Carrefour, turn up And some large stores with private label products immediately became a real viral phenomenon. This is an irrefutable fact so far. Do their job!

This is especially the case with cosmetics. There are countless fat-reducing creams, Fat burning or shaping products In mid-September, they spent their special August and became a real bestseller.In a season of good determination, returning to the gym and restoring healthy lifestyle habits, we hope to save you the trouble of finding Best product (And they are not always the most expensive) and elaborate The perfect white label toiletry bag Complement your exercise plan that you have started or finished eating, and you are determined to lose the extra weight we gained in the summer. Although every article we discuss below has received the best reviews based on the opinions of users and some experts, it should be remembered that cosmetics are not magic products, and consistency of use is the key to achieving this goal. The desired result.

It’s useless if there are the latest products on the market Daily and continuous use Similarly, through physical exercise programs or low-fat diets to improve the external efforts we make every day. In our suggested set, we will add different creams and rave reviews from supermarket remedies so that you can start your head-to-toe care.

Gold Lidl anti-wrinkle cream contrast.Sispera

Sisbella Cream
Sisbela cream sold in Mercadona is a bestseller / Mercadona

In this section, we propose a duel of viral creams, because although the two are similar in effect, effect and price, in addition to having their own product line, they also have different textures to suit consumers. Lidl’s Gold cream is a special anti-wrinkle cream, suitable for skin that needs extra hydration. On the contrary, the popular Sisbela from Mercadona is suitable for all skin types and has a good effect on slightly oily skin (thanks to the same line of Regenerating serum). Recommended retail Price: about less than 5 euros

Deliplus Intensive Fat Loss Cream from Mercadona

Continue to use, the effect will be realized by this cream / Mercadona

One of the most sought-after products is Mercadona’s fat-reducing cream, which has been sold out on the shelves for several days and can help you lose a few inches while you sleep.Although many of its users only use it on the abdomen, the fact is that this article It is suitable for different parts of the body, Also suitable for thighs.This is an intensive reduction treatment performed at night with Fine texture, quick absorptionAccording to its own packaging, it contains a concentration of marine-derived active ingredients that stimulate the lipolysis function when the skin is more receptive. The suggested retail price is 5’50 Euros.

Mercadona Deliplus Breast Enhancement Firming Cream

Mercadona / Mercadona Breast Enhancement and Firming Cream

Wearing an enviable figure, by enjoying the smooth skin of our body parts, in order Enhanced curve. This is the case with bust. Wearing a sturdy chest is very helpful for enjoying a size 10 figure.Although a good exercise sheet for the upper body and chest muscles is most effective for tightening the chest, Breast enhancement cream by Deliplus perfectly combines value for money to achieve, with a little consistency, tone, reorganization and prevention of bust sagging.

Healthy Fusion Carrefour anti-cellulite buttocks and legs

The following products of our toiletry bag are not the cheapest of our toiletry bags, but compared to other products in its range, it becomes very difficult to beat. Less than 20 euros and Healthy integration, Carrefour launched a product according to their own terms”Can completely fight cellulite (And orange peel) “PVP 19’90.

Deliplus’ refreshing and rejuvenating gel for legs and feet

Leg gel
The price of this gel is 2.50 Euro / Mercadona

For the lower part of our body, we are punished by daily activities, exercise and daily stress, Refreshing vitality gel The product from Mercadona became one of our latest suggestions for completing the set-up kit. In addition to using one action to instantly relieve fatigue, it can also improve the appearance of legs and feet, achieve a healthful effect, and also help stylize our overall image. PVP 2’50 Euro.

Carrefour’s products to help you lose weight

You can’t lack these slimming tights/Carrefour in your toiletry bag

It’s certainly not a cream, a reducing gel, or a cosmetic, but these Slim leggings They cannot be lost in your cosmetic bag.This is a revolutionary smart clothing with remarkable effects push ups Sold by Carrefour.When you sleep, they affect your body Simulate leg movements while resting. When the body relaxes, they use our own body’s metabolic processes. They must be worn for at least 6 hours in a month.

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