Mentoring, digitization and talent: the great challenges of the Princess of Girona Foundation for 2023


A few days after the return of Princess Leonor to Spain, King Felipe presided over an important meeting at the Royal Palace in which both his eldest daughter and Queen Letizia, who is on a trip from work in the United States, where he has traveled for the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in the city of Los Angeles.

Don Felipe has met in Madrid with the Board of Trustees of the Princess of Gerona Foundation, an organization of which he has been honorary president since its creation in 2009. After his proclamation as King of Spain, it is Princess Leonor who holds this position. A few days ago, Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia also received the Delegate Commission of the Foundation at the Palacio de la Zarzuela, made up of a representation of members of the Board of Trustees (in addition to the President, the General Director and the Secretary of the Board of Trustees).

The Kings in a meeting at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

On this occasion, the monarch has been the only member of the Royal Family who has been present at the meeting, in which the 2023 Action Plan has been approved, as well as the budget that, from now on, contemplates obtaining more financing through specific contributions or by raising economic resources for specific projects. The activities proposed by the Foundation for next year continue to be committed to the progressive implementation of the objectives set out in the roadmap approved in December 2021 and which seek to increase the Foundation’s social impact and its scope. Likewise, during the meeting, which was attended by more than 40 employers, the summary of activity for the year 2022 was presented.

King Felipe in a meeting at the Royal Palace.

This digital has been able to speak with Salvador TasqueDirector General of the FPdGi, on the institution’s new projects: «We have presented the entire 2023 Action Plan, which is linked to the Strategic Plan that we presented a year ago and which involves giving our programs even more content, more innovation that accompanies young people, the Talent Tour that is starting on February 20 in Zaragoza and all this accompanied by a whole digital strategy in which we are building a platform that sees the light in the month of January, in which we can offer all young people in an agile, convenient and current way the content that we believe is of value to them”explained Tasqué.

This year the The Foundation has reformulated all its programs with the aim of opening them up and making them more adapted to the current needs demanded by the new generations: “help them develop more specifically the issue of skills, how to improve their employability, in the educational area, issues of social leadership…”, emphasizes Salvador Tasqué.

One of the most notable initiatives is a new social leadership program with impact that bears the name of ‘Purpose Generation’. “We are looking for young people with purpose, wanting to generate a positive social impact on a smaller or larger scale. We summoned them through social networks, we chose the best profiles, more than a hundred young people were participating virtually and fifty of them were invited to a face-to-face campus on the Costa Brava. A campus that sought to develop their skills, their social leadership, their ability to understand the world, connect with each other. From there we have selected eleven social impact initiatives that as a foundation we will accelerate, incubate and help them scale over the next few months. This is new territory for the foundation because we went from training young people to supporting projects»Salvador Tasqué has commented.

At a difficult time globally, it is especially important to support talent and encourage the development of the new generations, above all, to avoid gaps in different areas: «We have to be a country of talent and bet on talent. It is a matter of betting on closing that gap. Nor can it be that in our country only 20% of girls or women occupy technological professions, that must be started from childhood and adolescence”, says the General Director of the Princess of Girona Foundation.

Letizia and Princess Leonor at the Princess of Gerona / Gtres Awards
The Queen and the Princess at the Princess of Girona Awards.

Despite the fact that Leonor was not present at the meeting on this occasion, the Princess, who returned to Spain a few days ago to enjoy her family Christmas holidays, is very aware of all the activities of the Foundation and has had the opportunity on many occasions to participate in acts related to the institution and learn about its projects: «She is up to date on all the activities of the Princess of Girona Foundation. She is very aware of the calls and all the initiatives »said Tasqué.


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