Memorial path for Emmanuel Macron at St. Eugene cemetery

largeEmmanuel Macron, with his hands behind his back, walked slowly under the scorching sun among the tombs in the Saint-Eugène cemetery. We are able to isolate ourselves a little bit. The President took a breath of fresh air, opened his arms, Gaze at the glistening Gulf of Algiers. He speaks very little or in a low voice. ” Look at this, all these lives, these families, personal stories… “We were really touched.

Saint-Eugène is a Christian cemetery built by the French in 1836 and covers 14 hectares with 25,000 graves and 135,000 dead, said Nourredine Guerrhi, deputy director of the Algiers cemetery. . The cemetery also has a Jewish square, a plot of land awarded to the Archdiocese of Algiers in 1873, specifying officials. There is also a military square…

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