Meloni will not hand over internal affairs to ‘pro-Russian’ Salvini, who threatens “ministries or I will only give external support”


Georgia Melloni (Italian brother) will be prime minister, but the formation of her government will be tortuous, as will the relationship with her partners. Matteo Salvini (Northern Union) wants internal affairsan essential ministry for any administrator, but even more so for the far-right focused on borders and security.

Salvini’s ultimatum summed up as “Internal or External Support Only”There are two factors to consider: Meloni’s reluctance to part with a key portfolio she believes belongs to her as an election winner, and Salvini’s reluctance to part with it — she already held it between 2018 and 2019 — — because it was the biggest showcase and springboard after a setback in the polls.

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brother from italy multiply his four votes Between League and Forza Italia compared to 2018 Silvio Berlusconi– Lost 5.5 million (3.2 and 2.3 respectively). Salvini has a great reputation in his ranks and he will make the most of the fact that Meloni needs him to save his game and career.

There is a third factor that transcends entrenched feuds among politicians: Meloni knows the international community’s concerns and fears about her.for this his and Mario Draghi appease the eu Or, coming back to the question, his rejection of Salvini, considered pro-Russian. Meloni has expressed her “Loyal Support” Vladimir Zelensky and Ukrainian people.

“Intentional Unit”

On Wednesday, Meloni and Salvini held their first meeting at Palazzo Montecitorio, where the House of Representatives is located. The quote that the protagonists want to surpass is “one-hearted”, but the point is not on the purpose, but on the construction of the government.

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“Both leaders expressed satisfaction with the confidence of the Italians – read the joint note at the end of the meeting -. (…) They reviewed the situation of priorities and urgency on the agenda of the government and parliament, also given that Italy is going through complex situation”.

Italy ‘goes through a complicated situation’, but first Meloni must resolve Other non-programmatic aspects. To Salvini’s request for the Interior Ministry was added to Berlusconi’s request for the Senate: He wanted to preside over it.A Berlusconi, of whom Melloni also has many, among other things, he has Vladimir Putin or his casus belli.



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