Melenchon, a populist on the radical left, wants to avoid a duel between Macron and Le Pen

The final rally to end the campaign. And, most likely, a political career.because Jean-Luc Melenchon He is 70 years old and his third attempt at the presidency of the French Republic may be his last.Unless his call to “change the world” catches on, and his Final sprint in the polls (14/17%, in the last five polls) put him ahead of Marine Le Pen (20.5/23%) and into the second round against Emmanuel Macron (25/28%).

Unable to be discouraged, Mélenchon gathered his followers at the Charléty Stadium on Sunday the 17th. To do so, the polls (all) will have to miscalculate the level of abstentions, which will hurt Le Pen. radical left candidateComfortable with the populist characterization, struggling to confirm his push in the final stages of the campaign. 4 in 2012 (11%) and 2017 (19.6%). This year he is third and willing to fight to the end.

Distinguished speaker, Melenchon on Tuesday, at the time of the Champions League, best rally of his campaign, according to reporters who followed him from the start. For an hour and a quarter of an hour without prompting, occasionally flipping through his notes on the table, standing alone on stage.

Mélenchon speaks in Lille’s flesh and blood. Meanwhile, his holograms are also being performed in 11 other French cities. From Le Havre to Nice, from Pau to Metz, it was a technical feat that required the cooperation of a thousand people, according to his campaign manager. After a splendid performance, Albert Camus Quotes 1940 On “The Power of Character”, with the chorus “Marseille,” “Unfinished Revolutionary Hymn”.

candidate whose supporters are in European Parliament With Podemos MEP, he knows where the lost ballots are. They are the citizens who voted for Le Pen “outraged but not disgusted” (“fâchés mais pas fachos”).

workers vote

The vote of popular classes, workers and employees, once a legacy of the Communist Party, has been out of touch with the left since the defeat of the socialist Lionel Jospin, Mélenchon who was minister of higher education (2000- year 2002). In the last election (Europe, 2019), Marine Le Pen Increased the worker vote by more than 40% compared to 11% for Macron or 7% for sponsoring Mélenchon (Ipsos survey).

Leaders dispatch Macron to “The Neoliberal Illusion” In his best humanistic accent, he “economically breaks this crazy system that wants to turn everything into a commodity”.

He focused his attack on Le Pen. in two lines. A far-right candidate resigns procedurally in order to gain recognition within the system, such as her retirement at age 60 when she has dropped out of the process. And his absence. It revealed that throughout the process of pension reform (later halted by Covid), he only intervened once, according to the minutes. National Assembly.

Image of the Jean-Luc Mélenchon rally.


the program Melenchon People’s Union He’s very clear about retirement: He’s asking for it to be set at 60 (now it’s 62). He pledged that the day after his victory, he would approve by decree an increase in the net minimum wage to 1,400 euros and a ban on prices, including petrol, at 1.40 euros a liter.

He believes that “deglobalization has begun” and that “re-nationalization of the banking sector” is necessary. Finally, your time has come. He is 70 years old, but “radical novelty of a historical moment (me) Makes me feel like a 20 year old who discovered the world,” he told a group of foreign journalists shortly after announcing his candidacy 16 months ago.

“Being president at 70 offers three promises: I’m not going to stay, I’m not going to pursue a career, I’ll have no choice but to realize my ideas, and the rest I’m done in life,” he told us at the time . Tuesday night, He repeats this argument with his hologram.

no single application

He was the first to jump into the ring and resisted all calls to form a single candidate from the left. “The question is not whether the Left can unite, but whether it can reach the people.” Then he saw that “European Social Democracy is dying, PSOE is almost the only exception”​​ candidate, Anne Hidalgoa 2% drop seems to prove him right.

While he’s dropped his most violent looks, not a single rally he doesn’t promise Amnesty for all “yellow vests” Convict and rehabilitate “all amputees and all one-eyed people who have been violently damaged by the police”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s campaign poster.


Mélenchon took part in various demonstrations in the largest social protest since May 1968. He also took part in a fabulous student uprising at the age of 17. He became a Trotskyist. Born in Tangier in 1951, left Morocco at the age of 11 to settle in Normandy after the divorce of his parents, a postal worker and a teacher. He holds a degree in philosophy and a diploma in modern literature.

A staunch defender of Putin for years, the Ukraine war has led him to condemn Russian aggression, even more so after discovering this week’s massacre. It is still, yes, Criticize NATO and is defined as “not aligned but not neutral”.

A member of the Grand Orient Freemasonry in France since 1983, he also seems to have tempered his anti-clericalism. During Mitterrand’s state funeral, Held at Notre Dame de ParisHe did not want to enter the temple. Last week, however, while visiting artisans who were restoring the burnt temple, he admitted: “Did you cry when it was burnt down? Me too”.

In 1977, he joined the Ministry of Public Security and successively held various positions in the party and government departments. In 1986, at the age of 35, he became France’s youngest senator.After the government and the fiasco of 2002 Jacques Chirac It was imposed on Jean Marie Le Pen, in which socialist candidate Jospin did not make it to the second round, ultimately breaking with reformist socialism.

“You can’t make new boots from old shoes. That’s why I left the Socialist Party and built a new force, La Francia Insumisa. Sometimes you have to know how to break and start from scratch. Among them is Melenchon. 70 years old.


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