Meghan says crew member on flight back home was the only one to recognize her ‘sacrifice’ –


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex pictured in episode five of Harry and Meghan, when she reveals how a flight attendant recognized her ‘sacrifice’ for the country – Netflix

The Duchess of Sussex has claimed that a flight attendant working on the plane she took from London to Canada was the first person who recognized her “sacrifice” for the country.

In the fifth episode of the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentaryshe describes the dash from their last official engagement – ​​the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey – to the airport as she rushed to be reunited with her son, Archie.

After boarding the flight, she says a man who was “overseeing the crew” came and knelt down by her seat and removed his hat before saying: “We appreciate everything you did for our country.”

The Duchess says: “It was the first time that I felt like someone saw the sacrifice, not for my own country, for this country that’s not mine.”

On arrival in Canada, she reveals she “collapsed” in the arms of one of the Duke of Sussex’s security officers, sobbing that she had “tried so hard”.

He replied: “I know you did, I know you did Ma’am,” she says.

The Duchess’s eyes well up with tears as she adds: “That’s the piece that’s so triggering ’cause you go, and it still wasn’t good enough and you still don’t fit in.”

The Duchess’s final moments in the UK were captured on camera by a professional photographer, thought likely to be Chris Allerton – who documented much of their life behind the scenes.

A series of black and white images taken at Buckingham Palace as Meghan, helped by a small group of staff, unpinned her hat, got changed and said her goodbyes are shown on the documentary.

The Duke and Duchess going through their stuff at Frogmore Cottage before leaving the UK – Netflix

The Duke and Duchess are shown joining in a toast before the Duchess waves to the Duke from the car as she wipes a tear from her eye.

“Of course it was emotional,” she says.

Meghan claims that for two years, the public was “fed lies” about themsuggesting that on that basis, they should have been hated.

“But no,” she says. “The people were just so embracing, they were sad that we were leaving. We were sad we were leaving.”

The Duke later films himself on his mobile phone saying: “I’m going to miss the British public. I’m not going to miss the British press, their followers and their trolls that they create.

“I’m going to miss this country. So will Meghan.”

He says at one point that they realized they had no other option but to leave the UK.

He says he saw a cartoon depicting him on all fours with Meghan holding a dog lead.

The cartoon depicting the Duke of Sussex on all fours, with the Duchess holding a dog lead – as shown in the documentary – Netflix

“How predictable that a woman is blamed for the decision of a couple,” he adds.

“In fact it was my decision, she never asked to leave. It was misogyny at its best.”


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